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The ecology is a serious thing for us, since a long time before it become a fashion.
We live in this planet and want to live here long time more.
Sadly many companys, generate falses campaign, based in lies or half thrues.
Contradictions of green bussiness
The pencil factory call ecologic to a plastic pencil. ( Save one tree)
But the paper bag manufacturer say discourage the use of plastic bag and use paper instead.
And what happen with the tree? Then we must use plastic or paper?
The computer factory say do not print, do not use paper, read books into computer ( phone, tablet too).
But, we know that the 60% of electricity is generated of fossile fuel.
How many fossile fuel is required to read one book?
This is worst in battery powered devices ( like phones, tablets) because each charge-discharge cycle lost a 40% of energy.
Renewable, Recyclable, Recicled y degradable
The renewable resources are these that can grow again.
For example a wood, we can renew putting a new tree.
The reciclable are these that you can process again for a new product.
A plastic thing is reciclable, but not renewable, because is oil based.
How many of reciclable, end really recicled? The reality is that only is recicled less than
15% of global trash. Thas exist big plastic island and mountains of electrónic garbaje.
What is the programmed obsolesence?
Many manufacturers do the products of one way that the product will self-destruct or become obselete
so in short time you will have a unnecesary garbage.
For example: Printers that do not print more than 5000 pages. Cell Phones with one year of spected life.

The ecology and LudFed
We think that the less contaminant trash, is the trash that not exist.
So we take different politics.

-Our products are manufactured for long long endurance, without predefined end.
-The cartoon box have not chemical bleaches.
-The inbox conditionating is of reused material.
-We split the reciclables trash since 25 years.
-We have not chemical or toxic garbage.
-Energy Optimization.
-Repair out devices even if they are out of warranty. Never will be trash.
-Spare Parts supply even out of warranty.