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Online quotation of designs, and assembly of circuits

Welcome, on this page we will help you make your project a tangible product.
To better help you, we need you to tell us how far along your project is, so that we can know what we can do for you.
It is important to remember that all information is confidential, and will not be shared in any way.

Activate the zone that you think is most appropriate for the current state of your project.

If it is a product that is already producing, or that already has the list of materials, zone 3 allows you to know the cost of assembly right now.

Only one zone can be selected at a time

1.I have an idea and need help on circuit, schematic, etc

By activating this area you indicated that your idea / project does not yet have a defined electrical circuit and requires our services to do so.
Development quotes are made by hand, so you will be contacted by an executive.
We know there are many questions on this form and we know that you may not be able to answer all of them.
The data we request helps to choose the quantity / quality / type of components that suit your need.
Don't worry, this form is just the first step to a smooth dialogue.
Example 1: if the product is produced on a small scale, it is probably better to use components accessible in the local market, and on a medium scale it will be better to bring them from abroad.
Example 2: A smaller device means less space and fewer components.
The target price is important to know the room for maneuver when producing, plate size, assembly technology, and other details.
Describe the best as you can in your knowledge how you spect that the circuit work.
Choose wich zones you think that cover your project ( can select more than onw with control key)
Tech: There are some technology that must be discarded or used on the project (ex: smd/double-single layer/analog/microcontrolled)?
How is powered: Solar/Battery/Rechargeable Battery/li-ion/3.3v/5v/12v/24v/220v/other
What is the target size of device? Please specify the unit used ( mm,in,ft)
Box: ¿Must be adapted to a preiously asigned box?
Year production: What is the estimated anual production level?
Sarting:How many pieces do you think about a first production?
There are a similar product?Wich?
Price: What is the price/cost estimated of your proyect? In u$s by produced unit
Actually You are selling some similar?

2.I have the electric circuit and need help on PCB draw
By checking this section, you indicate that you ALREADY have an electrical circuit and only need us to draw the printed circuit (PCB)
A good drawing, a good layout of the "board ", is everything. It is the success or failure of the project as it affects:
-The cost of assembling the board
-The assembly time in the plastic box
-The level of warranty claims
-Size and shape of the equipment
-The useful life of the equipment
-Electrical safety regulations
-Compliance with international assembly standards.

This means that although the printed circuit is not everything, it is vital.
We know there are many questions on this form and we know that you may not be able to answer all of them.
The data that we request helps to choose the technologies, and a correct planning of all those points to adapt the project to your needs.
Don't worry, this form is just the first step to a smooth dialogue.

The circuit will be requested via email by a qualified person for the quote

The format required by printed circuit suppliers is GERBER, so not just any drawing will work, only those in electrical format
Describe the best as you can how work the circuit. Specially when there are analog zones, audio or radiofrequency.
Box: ¿Must be adapted to a preiously asigned box? Wich are the sizes? Please add the units used(MM, in, ft)
Technology: Hoy many layers must be have? ( 1,2,4,6) 0=the result on the draw?
To make the development more economical, can SMD be used? green = YES SMD can be used
Technology: Is there any technology that should be discarded or used as analog / microprocessor?
What is the size espected for the new device?
How many pieces do you estimate for the first production?
3.Assembly and Production
Al marcar esta sección, usted indica que YA tiene un proyecto listo para producir
Para la corecta cotización nos contactaremos con usted para requerir una foto de una placa armada y el listado de materiales.
You need that LudFed manage the boards production
Do you have the the GERBERS files to produce the boards (Only required if you need that we manage the boards)
You need that LudFed buy some of required components
Board size in milimeters
The board is double sided or with more layers
The board have thru hole
The board have solder mask
The board have components draw
You have the stencil for SMD components (if SMD is used)
Total quantity of assembly
Quantity of PCB in each panel
SMD, Surface mounted devices
Quantity of SMD small components of 2 pads (0402,0603,0805,1206,1210)
Quantity of SMD small components of up to 6 pins(sot23, sot25, sot26, etc )
Quantity of SMD medium components (sot223, sot89, dpack, 2525, electrolicit capacitors, inductors, etc)
Quantity of SMD chips
Quantity of pins that sum all SMD chips
Number of different SMD items to place
Example: 3 1k 0805 resistor and 1 BC817 transistor are 2 SMD items
PTH, manual mounting components
Quantity of common components (PTH) small and 2 pins (Resistors, Capacitors, etc)
Quantity of common components (PTH) small up to 6 pins, transistores, (TO92 o similares)
Quantity of medium insertion components (PTH) (Resistors of more than 1 / 2w, small relays, TO220 (without heat sink), Terminal blocks)
Quantity of big insertion components (PTH) (Relay 6A or more, Transformers, transistors with heat sink)
Quantity of pins that sum the big insertion components (PTH)
Quantity of PTH chips
Quantity of pins that sum those chips PTH
Number of different MANUAL items to place
Example: 3 Resistor 1k 1/4w and 1 Transistor BC548 are 2 items PTH
Additional and pertinent comments and notes

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