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Level meter for motorhome

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Level meter for motorhome

The trailer and motorhome has 1, 2 or up to 3 tanks for liquids ( normally drink water, Sewage water, and grey in some case).
Also have bottled gas and electric circuit from 12 to 24v.

When you are on vacation is important control all level to avoid troubles in your travel.

This circuit can be configured to measure:
Drinking water
Sewage water
Remaining bottled gas
Battery Voltage

The same circuit can be configured to measure one of the 4 parameters, but only will measure one.
This is on this way because was made to add several circuits on cascade depending the customer requirement.
Is a customer have 2 tanks will use 2 of ROD1, if only have bottled gas will use only one and so in the quantity and combination that customer require.


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